Creative Ideas for a Cremation Urn

Owing to the growing popularity of the process of cremation for disposing of the deceased, the market is flooded with a wide variety of cremation urns. You can choose an urn that best reflects the personality and interests of your loved ones who have departed for the heavenly abode.

For instance, angel and butterfly urns serve as beautiful, creative as well as comforting cremation urns. In addition, you can use other ideas like getting your loved one’s picture or meaningful message engraved on the urn.

Here are some creative ideas that you can employ to memorialize your deceased loved ones.

Teddy bear urn

Nature Urns for Storing or Disposing of the Ashes of a Loved One

Nature provides a comforting and serene ambience or background that helps calm us. Thus, most people prefer to select cremation urns that capture the essence of nature in an attempt to bring about peace and harmony to the departed soul as well the bereaving family members.

Moreover, these urns are soothing and a great choice for those who loved nature. To pay an unforgettable tribute to a deceased nature lover and environment enthusiast, you can also consider getting a biodegradable nature urn made of sustainable materials.


Memorializing Loved Ones With Elegant Bronze Urns

Bronze cremation urns are highly elegant and durable urns that can last for generations. Solid bronze urns, however, tend to be expensive and heavy.

Thus, they are likely to cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Besides, they can be as heavy as 25-45 pounds.

Moreover, they offer substance and security while preserving the cremated remains of a departed loved one. In fact, people usually prefer bronze urns because they denote integrity and a strong character.


Exploring Infant And Child Urns

Cremation urns meant for children and infants are usually smaller in size as compared to those meant to store the ashes of adults. For example, urn to memorialize a child aged one or less than that should have a capacity of up to 30 cubic inches.

Furthermore, these urns come in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials. Besides, you may choose to keep the cremated remains in a plastic bag within a memory box and use as a keepsake urn.


Ceramic Urns For Ashes

Ceramic and porcelain urns are among the most popular types of funeral urns. Though somewhat fragile, still these urns tend to be practical and affordable for most families as they can last for generations.

In fact, archeologists have even excavated ceramic cremation urns in sculpted shapes from ancient times. Cremation urns made of ceramic material are generally available in numerous shapes, colors, and finishes.

Furthermore, some ceramic cremation urns are prepared using Raku firing process. It is an ancient firing process that helps create charming colors and patterns.


Cremation Urns Made Of Brass

Brass cremation urns are traditional and sturdy. They are made of high-grade brass material and finished with smooth coatings. Brass urns with hand-applied patina finish are particularly popular.

These urns come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. In addition, they can be personalized with engravings. Besides, you can find brass urns that are hand forged and crafted by skilled artisans.

Hence, a brass urn can make a simple yet beautiful memorial to pay a tribute to a departed loved one. Plus, it is appropriate for both home and office settings.


Exquisite Marble Urns

Marble is a natural stone that is durable and has an elegant and timeless appeal. So, it is a great choice for a cremation urn when looking for a classic and aesthetic memorial that shall help preserve the ashes for generation.

Besides, it can be used in indoor as well as outdoor settings. Some cremation urns prepared from marble and other natural stones also have 24k gold plated decoration option. In addition, there are certain clock-style and sculpted urns made of marble.


Natural Biodegradable Urns For Ashes

Biodegradable cremation urns are made of sustainable materials like organic and recycled paper, renewable mulberry bark, natural clay, sand, gelatin, rock salt, cornstarch, bamboo, coconut shell, etc. They are even decorated with water-soluble, non-toxic paints.

Thus, individuals who are concerned about the environment often opt for biodegradable urns. These urns are suitable for ground as well as water burial because they tend to decompose soon. These ecological urns are generally priced lower than most other urns.


Memorializing Loved Ones With Urns And Headstones

Headstones and monuments need not be used only after traditional burials. As cremation is getting popular nowadays, people are getting used to purchasing headstones to mark the place where the cremated remains of the deceased have been buried.

Thus, you can find cremation headstones and monuments at various stores. If you are planning to place the cremated ashes in a columbarium, then you can look for a beautiful columbarium niche plaque.



Companion Urns- Cremation Urns For Two

Companion urns or cremation urns for two are meant to hold the ashes of a couple. These ashes can be stored, scattered, or buried. When planning to bury the urns, you can either buy a pair of permanent burial urns or biodegradable urns.

Permanent urns are usually made of metal or stone. The ones constructed of metal may be further encased in urn vaults. Biodegradable urns, on the other hand, are environment-friendly as they tend to decompose over time.