Understanding Cremation Urn Sizes And Specifications

While buying a cremation urn, you need to have an idea about the size of urn you require. It is usually determined on the basis of the amount of ashes that you would receive after cremation.

However, it is difficult to estimate the exact quantity of ashes that you are likely to get. Still, there is a rule of thumb that approximately each pound of body weight reduces to one cubic inch of cremated remains.

Funeral urn

Thus, if you need a funeral urn for an individual who weighed 175, it should be safe to buy an urn with a capacity of 175 cubic inches, even though the actual volume of ashes turns out to be around 160 cubic inches.

The volume of cremated ashes depends on factors like the weight of the deceased, percentage of body fat to lean muscle mass, the temperature of the furnace, the type of cremation equipments being used, and so on. More often than not, the cremains tend to be three to seven pounds in weight.

Nevertheless, you can determine the size of the urn you need more precisely with the following method. For this, you need to take the measurements of the temporary container in which the crematory returns the ashes.

So, open the container and measure in inches the dimensions from the floor to the top of the remains. If undertaking this task is uncomfortable and disturbing for you then you may take help from a friend or a member of the crematory staff.

Multiply this number with the depth of the container. Next, multiply the resultant figure with the width of the temporary container.

The resultant number is the cubic inches size that you need for the urn. To be on the safer side, it is better to buy an urn with a little more space than what you estimate.

You can read the step-by-step procedure of this method for calculating the urn size on this page. Besides, read this to find out more about the size of urn you should get. In addition, you can use the cremation urn size calculator given here.

You will generally find cremation or funeral urns for adults with a capacity of 175 to 300 cubic inches. Similarly, companion urns are usually about 400 to 600 cubic inches in size.

Those meant for infants and pets have a lower size, i.e., about 30 cubic inches. Besides, keepsake urns also have a lesser size (up to 100 cubic inches) because they are used to keep only a portion of the remains.

Before placing the order, it is best to check with the crematorium about of the size of the urn you should purchase.

In case the ashes do not completely fit in the urn you have then the crematorium is likely to return the remaining cremated ashes in a temporary container.

Furthermore, when determining the dimensions of a memorial urn to be placed in a Columbarium, make sure it fits the niche where it has to be stored. So, you need to take the internal dimensions of the niche into consideration.

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